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Islam is complete and comprehensive way of life. People who adapt the way of living according to the teachings of Islam can always feel that special ingredient of Islam that is spiritual freedom. Though fate is decided but there are some certain situations when you feel the freedom and can choose your own destiny.  Final destination cannot be changed but the obedience of Allah should remain consistence. One who accept being a servant of Allah and live his life according to it will be the one serving himself.
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When you obey someone for your own sake this is what we call spiritual freedom. You understand your own benefits and feed yourself according to the needs. Allah has also given the guidance and a proper lifestyle for your sake; he knows human nature and everything around a person’s surroundings reflect his own behavior towards life.
Spiritual freedom is about your own will of protecting your soul; one should know that what your soul needs to fed for its growth. It is much and more important to understand that life is more than a series of tasks. Everything you do, you feel is part of your soul, your soul is affected from it so, whenever you are about to take any decision or you are about to say something, just make sure it’s not hurting someone or you.

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