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The number of tax return registered online also represents a new album - 8.48 million, that accounts for 84.5 percent of all returns obtained, beating last year's figure of 7.93 million. The actual summit happened between 4 pm and 5 pm, with a shocking 12 admissions each minute in nimblejack.

This year's results also showcased "that the maximum proportion of on-time returns listed", together with "93.4 percent of taxpayers fulfilling the deadline" and so preventing the much-feared #100 penalty for late filing. That is, in my mind, undoubtedly the most intriguing figure of them because it might point to the reality that HMRC's marketing campaigns hit home with the masses, 'File your tax return over the deadline, or else!'.

Reassuring this reads for those concerned, it might also be argued the majority are just getting increasingly more conscious that lame explanations for late filing do not clean with Mr Taxman.

"Record-breaking" percent of on-time yields is all very well, but closer evaluation may seem like a hollow victory for the Treasury. What we do not understand - and likely never will - would be that the unquantifiable percentage of hardened fraudsters who don't declare their income whatsoever and therefore are beneath HMRC's radar. How many of these - if any - were remorse-stricken sufficient to be persuaded by HMRC's scare-inducing costly marketing campaigns to complete a tax return. Because let's face it, HMRC's motto 'We are on you' and also the #100 penalty hazard might just affect individuals (like me) on a financial institution and have an honest mindset likely to follow law and order at the first place...

I am wondering just how much of a result HMRC's marketing frenzy continues on greedy corporations' tax avoidance trickery - accountable for the majority of the UK's tax gap and justifiably nicely on HMRC's radar consequently. Truth understood only too well, to the stage that the public's response to HMRC's advertising campaigns might be a cynical one, 'They are cheating the system from countless, and they are getting away with it, why should not I get a few thousands or hundreds... ?'

Prove the country how a lot of those vast cheats you have captured, nimble jack-and that I do not mean that the odd-jobber or any single parent who works a couple of undeclared hours to make ends meet (I am not suggesting unmarried parents tend toward cheating on the system, incidentally) - then we might discover a reason to judge any true efficacy from the fraud detection jobs and extreme marketing ploy.


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